Summer 0f 2014

During my summer in 2014 I went to Nova Scotia as I do every summer. Although this year I went to Prince Edward Island as well. Some photos and more explanations are just below.




IMG_5873 3.jpg



Dalvay By the Sea

Kate Middleton and Prince William had been at this resort before I had. There was a cardboard Kate Middleton and Prince William by the entrance. It was fascinating to know that Royals from England had previously stayed were me and part of my family were. I really enjoyed being so close to the ocean as well. Here are some photos from my stay!

Our other adventures in Prince Edward Island included Anne of Green Gables close to Charlottetown and in Charlottetown. Some photos are here!


Screen Shot 2018-10-29 at 1.26.42 PM-2.jpg


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